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UCL BiLingo.

Information service. For anyone interested or involved in raising, educating and caring of multilingual and bilingual children.

UCL BiLingo | IOE - Faculty of Education and Society - UCL – University College London


Multilingual Families - European Education Project (


Multilingual parenting - families with bilingual children


Home | Multilingualhub (


Empowerment of bilingual families | PEaCH | EU Project (


Bilingual Education Articles and Resources for Families and Educators 

The Critical Connections Multilingual Digital Storytelling Project @ Goldsmiths ( All schools are welcome to participate in this innovative project enhancing children’s love and engagement with languages and literacies through the creation of digital films, artwork and poetry. If there is interest I can sound out Vicky Macleroy and Jim Anderson (project directors) to present the project to the group as part of a CPD activity.   

Books and publications.

Colin Baker - A Parents' and Teachers' Guide to Bilingualism.

Raising Multilingual Children
by Julia Festman, Gregory J. Poarch, Jean-Marc Dewaele


Bilingual Families: A Practical Language Planning Guide

by Eowyn Crisfield | 2021

Zurer Pearson, Barbara (2008). Raising a bilingual child: A step-by-step guide for parents. New York, USA: Living Language (Random House). 


King, Kendall & Alison Mackey (2007). The bilingual edge: Why, when, and how to teach your child a second language. New York, NY, USA: Collings


Wang, Xiao-lei (2008). Growing up with three languages: Birth to eleven. Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters. Wang, Xiao-lei (2011). Learning to read and write in the multilingual family. Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters. Maintaining Three Languages: The Teenage Years (Parents' and Teachers' Guides Book 22) 1st Edition, Kindle Edition by Dr. Xiao-lei Wang (Author)  

Bilingual – Life and Reality (by François Grosjean) The Bilingual Brain (by Arturo E. Hernandez) 


Multilingual Matters|Channel View Publications Series Results (
Multilingual Matters/Channel View Publications Ltd is an independent academic book publisher based in Bristol, UK. Publications in the fields of applied linguistics, literacy education, multicultural education, immigrant language learning and second language acquisition.


Bilingual Education and Bilingualism Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism by Colin Baker (
Parents' and Teachers' Guides

Organisations and associations.

Time together - support for multilingual families | National Literacy Trust


NALDIC | EAL National Subject Association


Centre for Language, Culture and Learning @ Goldsmiths ( and Centre blog ( with updates about research, publications, events, podcasts etc. 

Video, recordings, podcasts, seminars.

Dr Vally Lytra

A talk for parents on ‘Living and learning bilingually at home in the school and the community’ (21/10/2022) at the International School of Lausanne: 


A podcast featuring the principles underlying our new edited book ‘Liberating Language Education’ (eds. Vally Lytra, Cristina Ros i Solé, Jim Anderson and Vicky Macleroy) published by Multilingual Matters (2022) and addressing the overarching question how can we re-imagine language and language education under conditions of uncertainty and change?:


The Motivated Classroom podcasts with Dr Liam Printer (Language teacher, podcast host, educational consultant, workshop leader and trainer for motivation, engagement and comprehensible input teaching approaches) especially designed for language educators:


Plurilingual Lab at McGill University with a wealth of video and other resources : and the Speaker Series featuring cutting edge research:


Antonella Sorace talk about the benefits of bilingualism. View here: Antonella Sorace Small File.mp4


UCL Seminars

Multilanguage and Cognition Lab | IOE - Faculty of Education and Society - UCL – University College London


Interview with J-M Dewaele on bilingualism, bilingual development and bilingual education

Faces/Bridging the World with Maria Gavrilova / Guest J-M. Dewaele, professor of Applied Linguistics


Faces/Bridging the World with Maria Gavrilova / Guest J-M. Dewaele, professor of Applied Linguistics - YouTube


My Bilingual Family SBS

Juca Podcast - Portuguese Podcast

Bilingual Kids Rock

Video, recordings, podcasts, seminars.

Prof. Antonella Sorace - Common methods to raise multilingual childre: 

Prof. Ellen Bialystok - Why is speaking more than one language good for your child? 


No Child Left Monolingual: Kim Potowski: 

How to raise a bilingual child? 5 myths debunked:

How to raise a bilingual child? 5 tips to keep your child motivated:

How to raise a bilingual child? 5 tips on introducing your language:

How to raise a bilingual child? 5 tips for language learning in everyday life: 

How to raise a bilingual child? Choosing a family language strategy: 

What is translanguaging, really?: 

Jonty Yamisha - Raising multilingual children in endangered and less accessible languages: 

Prof. Mila Schwartz - Importance of the role of children when choosing a right language strategy: 

Dr. Mary Pat O'Malley - When Your Bilingual Child Seems Late To Talk: 

Ellen Rose Kambel - The Language Friendly School: Creating a Global Community: 
Shereen Sharaan - Impact of bilingualism on autistic children: 

Parents Session - Languages in families on the move:
World Language Credit Program Honors Bilingual Immigrant Students: 

CREATING A SUPPORT NETWORK FOR BILINGUAL PARENTSCreating bilingual minds | Naja Ferjan Ramirez | TEDxLjubljana 

Insight: Learning my family's native language helped me find my identity 

One culture, two generations: Learning my mother tongue



Fun Activity Ideas for Parents Raising a Bilingual Child (

Multilingual & bilingual children: tips | Raising Children Network


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